"You find the path by walking it."

Maya Angelou

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Talking Therapy

Sharing the journey

Talking is an effective therapy for a range of common problems. Whether you are coping with stress, anxiety or depression, or facing difficulties at work or in your personal life, setting aside time to actively focus on improving your situation with a psychotherapist is a step in the right direction.


Walking Therapy

Healing in the natural environment

Walking improves mental health. Being outdoors has a positive impact on emotional wellbeing. The natural environment and exercise are a mood lifting combination that reduce stress, anxiety and depression and increase self-esteem and cognitive functioning.


Wild Counselling

A fresh approach to psychotherapy

Wild Counselling draws on the benefits of walking and talking to find innovative solutions to psychological problems. Using a diverse range of environments to hold sessions, and adopting a sense of freedom for clients to work in a way that helps them best, Wild Counselling will help you step out of negative spaces and into greater contentment, resilience and improved relationships.


Our Services


Walk and talk therapy

Walking improves mental health

Our walk and talk sessions maximise the therapeutic effects of being active in a neutral outdoor environment to fuel therapeutic change. Sessions begin at a mutually agreed starting point and follow a circular route, ending back at the start after 50 minutes. We offer ‘walk and talk’ sessions in natural and urban environments.

Helen Strutt
Helen Strutt

Person Centred Psychotherapist

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Jayne Desmond
Jayne Desmond

Integrative Psychotherapist

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Helen Strutt
Helen Strutt

Person Centred Psychotherapist

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About Us

Helen Strutt and Jayne Desmond are experienced BACP registered practitioners based in South East London who share a passion for practising therapy in innovative and refreshing ways. We have particular expertise in working with anger, anxiety, bereavement, depression, divorce and separation, grief, panic attacks, sadness, stress, the impact of trauma, relationship and sexual issues, and familial and work-related problems. We welcome all clients and are happy to make adjustments to cater for individual circumstances, including tailoring our walk and talk sessions to meet specific needs.  


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To find out more about the psychotherapy we offer in South East London, including establishing how a walk and talk component could work for you, please contact us.

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